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Dude/25(grandpa)/demi-pan/taken. My name is Monty! How do you do? I'm a guy who posts silly art and sometimes draws for moolah. NOTE: Please, DO NOT REPOST, CROP, EDIT or CHANGE any of my art on here that I so kindly wish to share with you. This blog is LGBTQ friendly! I'd like to think it's a pretty safe place.Thanks! UvU~♥

~This was a fantastic warm up to get me to sit my butt down and work on art in seriousness and also manage a positive mood. Check the new, quick comic! ♥


You and me both.

Incredible tags on reblogs of my babies. I had to super quickly & roughly sketch this! I couldn’t help but imagine Boyde’s reaction to (whom I assume was) Chet being called a “femboy” or what have you. Basically, Boyde would lose his shit and laugh until he pissed himself… while Chet just doesn’t get it. What does this mean for him? What is his self image truly saying to the world? Does everyone else think this, too? Oh the endless questions!

A month old doodle of my gross babies dancing while super intoxicated, a regular event in their home. Please excuse the super rough inks and sloppy color— I kinda drew this frantically one bad morning. Then a year old doodle of Chet that I still like and some quick, boring filler scribbles.

leosaeta started following you  (NSFW blog, btw)

Oh! ◉◡◉ …how funny, I’ve had this Jasper warm-up sketch for you for like, three weeks collecting dust but have been way too shy to share it. Honestly, your art always makes me smile. How you stylize faces and paws, the little details you sneak in, every piece is always precious. If you’d like the full size/uncensored version, just lemme know.  ᵕ‿‿ᵕ’

Mr. Small is my favorite character from this beautiful show.

Warm up doodles from the other day.

Pizza dweeb(s).

Using references while doodling is for chumps.

Someone asked for Demoman and Sniper a while back, my art block is slightly letting up so this is my warm up tonight.

Doodles from several weeks ago. Promised to post ‘em over here.

What if these guys were more badass? I think it’d be pretty rad. I might finish one of these later on. Who knows.

Asker flammingcorn Asks:
Haha, hi. :D I just found you through some art you posted and loved your style! I decided to snoop around on your blog here (I'm not a weirdo I swear I just like your art) and couldn't find anything regarding commissions or anything. Do you do commissions by any chance? And if you do, can you give me a link or something for prices? C: I'd love to see you draw one of my characters. XD Thanks!
rogmont rogmont Said:

Aw gosh, hello! Thank you so much for your interest in my art! I’m so flattered you’d be looking for commission info from lil ol me~…ah, wow!

Sadly, all I have atm is my older commission list on my dying FA that mostly has anthro examples but the description covers some basic rules for pieces. I really need to make an updated sheet and new/revised commission options.


Right now, I’m closed and have a lot on my plate to finish but when I open for things, I think I’ll make it a note to advertise openings here on Tumblr, too! Cause gosh, I would love to have a break to draw non-furry stuff as commission work since it seems like all my non-furry things are just personal doodles lately! haha! aaaaa thank you~!

Hey I just wanna say I'm sorry for using the commission of Prince you did for me and not asking beforehand if I could use it for my icon. I know it was for me but I still should have asked. I'm real sorry about.
rogmont rogmont Said:

Oh gosh, I really appreciate that you came over to ask me but by all means, please, feel free to use it! I try to let commissioners know that if I do art for you then you may use it as you’d like for non-profit reasons. I’m so glad you like it that much~! ♥

It’s just when people take my personal works, like OCs or fanart to use it for themselves without permission, that’s in no way cool. It’s weird that it’s so common. :I

I hate sounding like a spoil sport but I’ve noticed folks using my art for icons. I’m almost never asked permission for this and it does bother me a bit. Please, I appreciate that you like my work but my nerves get a little rattled when people think it’s okay to use art as public icons, backgrounds, profile pics, etc. without sending a quick ask to even see if it’s okay with the artist— let alone credit the artist in their info so others can have a proper source. For me, this is almost always work I put a lot of thought, emotion and a good bit of time into, it’s not just free to do with as you please.

My info says: “Please, DO NOT REPOST, CROP, EDIT or CHANGE any of my art on here that I so kindly wish to share with you.” Please, please, please respect that if you like my art or any other artist’s work. At least have the decency to ask if it’s okay or credit them on your page info where others will know where it came from. Thanks~

"Do they smoke grass out in space man, or do they smoke AstroTurf?"