RogMont... or simply "Monty." How do you do? I'm a dude who posts silly art and sometimes draws for moolah. NOTE: Please, DO NOT REPOST, CROP, EDIT or CHANGE any of my art on here that I so kindly wish to share with you. Thanks! ♥
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Honestly, I think I love my Bad Mommy more than about anything. I’m probably gonna draw a lot more of her now that I’ve made her actually look like she raised that no good hooligan Scout.

God, she’s fun. haha!

I love the theory that Scout’s mom is the worst mom ever. I don’t even know how these sloppy doodles even happened. I got better things to do.

More from my last sketchbook, I was testing my newest ink with markers a couple weeks ago. Harold (my favorite Spongebob design and background character) and a topless Sandy… she has nothing to show cause she’s a squirrel. Without reference, so Sandy’s top is the wrong color… oops.

Copic Sketch Markers, Deleter Black 4 Ink & some dip/nib pens. My scanner ate the shading p bad. haha!

A doodle from my past sketchbook. Dated March 7th… I was having a good old fashioned drink & draw with my partner that night.

"Yellow Green" Copic sketch marker and Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.

A doodle from late February. I still dig the kinda designy things I tried with this. The Gangreen Gang are my faves forever.

BucketofChum suggested linking to the “Lascars” film on Youtube. It’s best in high quality but this could be a good chance for folks to check it out at least. The language is Français but there are English subtitles around, it just takes a quick google search.

Warning: this handles adult situations, mature language, drug use and dealing. Posting this film on 420 is an unintended yet hilarious coincidence.



hey so what is this from?

It’s a scene of Tony and Manuella from “Lascars” a 2009 French animated film. Note: it deals with adult situations and dope usage & dealing — though, it’s very charming in how it handles crude humor. It’s a MUST for anyone who likes grungy situations, rough and tumble characters and jaw-dropping animation. To mention, their comedic timing is to die for. It’s definitely won a spot in my top favorite animated films. :] ♥

Doodling less cartoony is a fun work out but I’m out of practice.

PS: Birds are the best!

Also, I doodled Merasmus the other day. :I ♥

Funny yet?

Long time no see, Tumblr!

I doodled Medic with a brush I customized in Sai… and I’m falling in love with it. Super rough but I’m trying to feel comfortable with my sketches.

The embarrassing week when the car was in the shop. A very quick doodle.

Why yes. Yes they do. It’s a 1957 Ford Fairlane convertible that they painted themselves and customized to hell and back! That bad boy belongs to Boyde but since he lives with Chet and does EVERYTHING with him, the car basically belongs to them both. They call him “Grave Throttle” because they think they’re cool or something. Despite the dweebiness, the gals don’t mind hopping in for a quick ride sometimes.

Also, pardon that I’m no automobile whiz art-wise… I originally doodled the basic model shape to show the paint job. :I

AMAZIN WORK QUICK QUEST. Whats your favorite kinda pen to use to ink traditionaly (i use fabercastle :3)
rogmont rogmont Said:

Hmmmm hmmm… I’m not 100% sure but I do use Microns (sz: 005, 05, 08, 1) and Pentel Pocket Brush Pens that I’ve lightly customized the tips. Also, I love my nib (dip) pens so much, but I’m picky about using them lately.

Oh gosh, and I recently bought a huge Faber Castell pen that I was SO excited over. Then I actually tried to use it and it was just a dark gray instead of black… I can’t fully trust their pens, man. I’VE SEEN THINGS, MAN. I’VE RUINED THINGS, MAAAAAN! GAME OVER.

They’re definitely here to stay for more horrible, greasy shenanigans! Though, I don’t think their antics are daytime TV friendly, but we’ll see more of that later on.Thank you so much, you radical anon! ♥